General provisions

  1. The website is intended only for ADULTS.
  2. The website and is run by Whitney Adams Sp. z o.o., ul. Karola Szajnochy 11/1B, 50-076 Wrocław, NIP 897 170 03 65, KRS 0000221639, REGON 933042424, the share capital is PLN 5,000 and has been fully paid up.
  3. Whitney Adams Sp. z o. o. has a valid permit to sell alcohol issued by the Mayor of the City and Commune of Kąty Wrocławskie. The sale of wines is carried out on the basis of permit No. I/0629/B/2023, which is valid until November 30, 2028.
  4. The place of concluding sales contracts is the point of sale located in Zachowice at ul. Żurawia 33, telephone: +48 605 042 433, e-mail:
  5. The website is intended for persons over 18 years of age.
  6. These regulations are the regulations referred to in Article 8 of the Act on the provision of electronic services.
  7. These regulations specify in particular:
    1. Rules for registering and using an account on the Website.
    2. Rules for concluding sales contracts using the services provided on the website.
  8. Using the website is possible provided that the following technical requirements necessary for cooperation with the ICT system are met:
    1. possession of a PC computer or other device enabling the use of the Website,
    2. access to the Internet,
    3. having appropriate software, including at least a web browser: Internet Explorer version 7 and higher, Google Chrome version 4 and higher, Mozilla Firefox version 2.0 and higher, Opera version 10 and higher, Safari version 4 and higher with current versions of Java and Flash installed.
    4. When using the Website via a tablet, telephone or other mobile device, some functionalities of the Website may not work properly or not work at all, and the use of some electronic services provided as part of the Website may be impossible or difficult.
  9. It is forbidden for the user of the Website to provide unlawful content, as well as to make, without the consent of the Seller, any interference with the content of the Website.

Order execution

  1. All prices presented on the website are gross prices.
  2. The condition for the execution of the order is that the customer provides the full delivery address and telephone number, enabling the Seller to verify the order placed.
  3. Placing an order is done by completing the appropriate order form available on the Website. Orders can also be placed by phone at the number 605 042 433. All sales contracts concluded on the basis of Orders placed via the Website or by phone at the number indicated in this point of the Regulations are concluded and implemented at the point of sale belonging to the Seller located in Zachowice at ul. Żurawia 33 (Shop).
  4. Confirmation of the Order by the Customer is tantamount to making a statement that the Customer takes responsibility for the receipt of the purchased Goods by an adult. Placing an order is also tantamount to the Customer’s declaration that he is not a person to whom, in accordance with art. 15 of the Act on Upbringing in Sobriety and Counteracting Alcoholism, it is forbidden to sell alcoholic beverages and that alcohol is not purchased for resale.
  5. The order processing time is from 2 to 7 business days.

Payment methods

  1. Payment for the ordered goods can be made::
    1. in person when collecting the order in the store;
    2. cash on delivery, i.e. in person in cash, in the case of delivery of the Order via a courier company
    3. by ordinary bank transfer after placing the order; The goods are sent together with the invoice/receipt after the payment is credited.
    4. online payment card: Visa, Visa Elektron, Master Card, MasterCard Electronic, Maestro; the goods are sent together with the invoice/receipt after we receive confirmation of card authorization; this may take up to 24 hours.
    5. By electronic transfer:
    • BLIK
    •  mTransfer (mBank),
    • Przelewy 24,
    • Millennium – Płatności Internetowe (Bank Millennium S.A.),
    • Noble Bank,
    • Volkwagen Bank,
    • Płacę z Citi Handlowego (Bank Handlowy w Warszawie S.A. Citi Handlowy),
    • Nest Bank,
    • Płacę z iPKO (PKO BP S.A),
    • Sky Cash,
    • Pekao24przelew,
    • Płać z BOŚ (Bank Ochrony Środowiska S.A.),
    • Bank Nowy BFG S.A.,
    • Płacę z Alior Sync (Alior Bank S.A.)
    • Santander S.A.,
    • Pay Way Toyota Bank (Toyota Bank Polska S.A.),
    • Płać z ING (ING Bank Śląski S.A.),
    • Crédit Agricole przelew online (Credit Agricole Bank Polska S.A.),
    • BNP Paribas Bank
    • Getin Bank
    • PLUS Bank
    • Invest Bank S.A.,
    • Bank Spółdzielczy we Wschowie,
    • Bank Pocztowy S.A.,
    • Bank Pekao S.A,
    • Millennium Bank S.A.
    • Credit Agricole Bank Polska S.A.

In the case of selected goods, the seller reserves the right to exclude some methods of payment for the order, but the consumer is never obliged to pay before receiving the goods.

Delivery and Delivery Costs:

  1. According to the regulations, the goods are delivered only in Poland and the European Union.
  2. Proof of purchase (original VAT invoice or receipt) is attached to the shipment.
  3. The Customer undertakes to collect the ordered Goods at the point of sale located in Zachowice at ul. Żurawia 33, on working days from 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. The Customer may pick up the Goods in person or through another person authorized by the Customer. The Customer may also use the services of a courier company cooperating with the Seller, which will collect the ordered Goods from the Store and deliver them to the place of delivery indicated by the Customer in the content of the Order.
  4. If the Customer selects the delivery option of the Goods, the Goods are released to the Customer when the Seller releases the ordered Goods to the courier company. However, by selecting the option of delivery of the Goods via a courier company in the content of the order, the Customer declares that he authorizes the courier to collect the Goods on his behalf.
  5. The goods are delivered throughout Poland and the European Union in accordance with the UPS courier price list.
  6. The cost of transport is, depending on the amount of purchased wines:
    1. Wines shipped in cardboard packaging::
      1. a) a package of up to 12 bottles of wine – PLN 25.00 gross
      2. b) 13 – 24 bottles of wine – PLN 50,00 gross
      3. c) 25 – 36 bottles of wine – PLN 75,00 gross
      4. d) 37 – 48 butelek wina – 100,00 zł brutto
      5. e) 49 – 60 bottles of wine – PLN 125,00 gross
      6. f) 61 – 360 bottles of wine -PLN 180,00 gross*
      7. g) 361 – 600 bottles of wine – PLN 350,00 gross*
      8. *over 60 bottles of wine are shipped on a pallet.
      9.  Over 600 bottles – on the basis of separate arrangements.
    2. Wines shipped in carton packaging within Europe (European Union, except Finland and Sweden):
        1. 1 bottle of wine – PLN 145,00 gross
        2. 2 bottles of wine – PLN 145,00 gross
        3. 3 bottles of wine – PLN 145,00 gross
        4. 4 bottles of wine – PLN 145,00 gross
        5. 5 bottles of wine – PLN 145,00 gross
        6. 6-12 bottles of wine – PLN 145,00 gross
        7. The above costs apply to delivery to one place indicated by the customer. In the event of an increase in rates by the shipping company or tax rates, the Seller reserves the right to increase transport prices, adequately to these increases,
        8. When handing over the goods, the courier is obliged to check whether the person collecting the goods is of legal age. In case of doubt or attempt to collect the goods by a minor, the courier may refuse to deliver the goods.
  7. When receiving the goods, the customer is obliged to check whether the shipment has not been damaged during transport. In the event of damage to the shipment, the condition for considering the complaint is writing down a “Damage Report” in the presence of an employee of the forwarding company, which is available from the courier.
  8. Whitney Adams Sp. z o. o. has no influence on the specific time of delivery. The courier usually does not contact the recipient by phone. Deliveries are made between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. Deliveries at other times and on Saturdays require an additional fee for the courier company and must be arranged individually. If the courier does not find you at home, he leaves a notice with information on how to contact the courier company and set the date of the next delivery.


  1. The basis and scope of the Seller’s liability towards the Customer if the sold Product has a physical or legal defect (warranty) are specified in generally applicable law, in particular in the Civil Code. For Sales Agreements concluded until December 24, 2014, the basis and scope of the Seller’s liability towards the Customer who is a natural person purchasing the Product for purposes unrelated to professional or business activity, due to non-compliance of the Product with the Sales Agreement are defined by generally applicable laws, in particular the Act of July 27, 2002 on special conditions of consumer sales and on the amendment of the Civil Code (Journal of Laws of 2002 No. 141, item 1176, as amended).
  2. The Seller is obliged to deliver the Product without defects to the Customer.
  3. A complaint may be submitted by the Customer, as follows:
    1. in writing to the address: ul. Żurawia 33, 55-080 Zachowice;
    2. in electronic form via e-mail to:;
  4. It is recommended that the Customer provides in the description of the complaint: (1) information and circumstances regarding the subject of the complaint, in particular the type and date of the defect; (2) demand a way to bring the Product into compliance with the Sales Agreement or a statement on price reduction or withdrawal from the Sales Agreement; and (3) contact details of the complainant – this will facilitate and speed up the consideration of the complaint by the Seller. The requirements set out in the previous sentence are only recommendations and do not affect the effectiveness of complaints submitted without the recommended description of the complaint
  5. The Seller will respond to Customer’s complaint immediately, no later than within 14 calendar days from the date of its submission. Failure to respond to the Seller within the above-mentioned period means that the Seller considered the complaint justified.
  6. The Customer who exercises the rights under the warranty is obliged to deliver the defective Product at the expense of the Seller to the following address: ul. Żurawia 33, 55-080 Zachowice. If, due to the type of the Product or the method of its installation, the delivery of the Product by the Customer would be excessively difficult, the Customer is obliged to make the Product available to the Seller in the place where the Product is located.


  1. The customer may return the purchased goods without giving a reason within 14 days from the date of receipt of the shipment. This is only possible if the product has not been damaged in any way.
  2. The product value is returned by bank transfer.
  3. If the payment for the purchased goods was made with a credit card, the refund will be made to the card account.
  4. The cost of returning the goods is non-refundable.
  5. The requirement for accepting the return is sending back the receipt or invoice.