Polish vineyard

About us


Adoria vineyard is run by its owner, Mike Whitney, and a group of associates.

It is no coincidence that Adoria wine is described by experts as a world-class wine. The highest quality grape varieties: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Riesling were selected for its production.

A Polish vineyard with a unique atmosphere

We invite both organized groups and individuals to visit our vineyard. We are open all year round. We especially invite you in spring, summer and autumn when the weather is nice. Here you can try different types of wines and choose the ones that suit you best. Adoria is a great place to relax in the beauty of nature, for a deep rest and a moment of respite. Many people have a picnic here and walk around the area. We ensure proximity to nature and wonderful views of the nearby moutains. Just spread out a blanket or rest on a bench. Here you will see how the vine grows and learn about the wine-making process.

What does the Adoria Vineyard offer?

Climate zone

Adoria’s vineyards are located in European climate zone 7. This is the same climatic zone as Rheingau, Mosel, Champagne, Chablis, Burgundy, Alsace, Vienna and Tokay as well as every other fine wine appellation north of the Alps.

Convenient location

Adoria is located 5 minutes of the A4 motorway, 20 minutes from the Wroclaw Airport, and 35 minutes from downtown Wrocław.

Tourist attractions

We are a great place to rest for visitors to Świdnica, Wrocław, Książ Castle or Mount Ślęża. We are also close to the airport.

Vineyard in Poland

Adoria Vineyard, located in Zachowice, at ul. Żurawia 33. Access from the center of Wrocław or from the airport takes about half an hour and is only 30 km away. We are open almost all year round.

Polish Vineyard

Get to know the Adoria Vineyard – a unique place on the map of Lower Silesia. This is where we grow various grape varieties to obtain unique Polish wines.


Creating a vineyard and growing grapes in a country which lacks good infrastructure for wine producers is quite a challenge. In the US, simply use the Wines and Vines guide to find suppliers and subcontractors. Here, we had to start from scratch, which meant traveling all over Europe and meeting suppliers of vine plants and wine-making equipment.

Result - Winnica Lower Silesia

Through careful planning, research and hard work, we grow three of the four main grape varieties in our vineyard: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Riesling. These three varieties, together with the Bacchus variety – an excellent local grape that we found in vineyards around Dresden – create the basis of our plantation and what you will find in a glass of wine from our vineyard.

Wine is craft

Mike’s experience has taught him that the key to making good wine is to create a good vineyard. Adoria vineyard is a combination of traditional viticulture and winemaking techniques with the latest technology. When you come to Adoria, you will see that our wines are aged in oak barrels, next to which stands modern production equipment.


First steps...

Mike was born among California’s vineyards and subsequently moved together with his family to the state of Washington– during this time Washington’s vineyards were beginning to challenge Californians for the title of America’s best vineyards. In 1995 he settled in Poland. His ambition was to combine the love for wine and knowledge about it with the ideal conditions of south-western Poland. That is why he created the Adoria Vineyard.

Wine starts with the fruit

Mike spent a long time looking for the perfect vineyard location, working with world-renowned wine specialists. A year and a half and 300 rejected locations later he found the right place – Zachowice. We have started the construction of the first world-class vineyard in Poland. We bought an original project, built a winery and imported modern machinery.

Winemaker - profession or passion?

“I definitely didn’t do it alone,” says Mike Whitney. “I’ve been lucky enough to work with a great team of top-notch specialists, including consultants from Oregon State University in the United States, from the University of Siena in Tuscany, as well as experts and suppliers from Italy, Germany, France, Portugal and the United States. I also received support from a local team of designers and subcontractors, thanks to whom the first modern Polish winery was built.”

Robert Louis Stevenson

is poetry in a bottle”