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Harvest 2024

5th October 2024 at 12:00! Join us for workshops dedicated to wine lovers!

Every participant will have the chance to see how the grape harvest is conducted and the beginning of wine production.

How are grapes harvested? Why is hand-picking grapes better?  Why do red grapes age with their skins?

We will answer these and other questions, press the must with our bare feet, and taste wine at different stages of production.

But that’s not all – embrace the unique experience of pressing the must with your own bare feet, connecting with the earth and the roots of winemaking in the most literal sense. Savor the opportunity to taste wines at various stages of production, gaining insights into the complexities and joys of winemaking.

Bring your passion for wine, wear your field-friendly shoes, and join us for a day filled with discovery, learning, and the pure joy of wine.